What is In-Store TV?

In-store TV is the interactive television inside large shopping complexes. Unlike similar indoor-systems, IMTV broadcasts from the central office in Moscow. Plasma panels specially developed and design by Panasonic display variety of video materials broadcasted from one center. They may include not only advertising materials, but news, entertaining, educational programs as well intended for wide audience. That makes obvious similarity of IMTV to the familiar TV format. However, the In-store TV is not limited with broadcasting of digital video materials. Each of panels is equipped with the «Dolby surround» sound reproduction system.

Using habitual television terminology, we may say that IMTV broadcasts several channels, each of them having its own separate panel installed in one of trading areas: «hypermarket», «galleries, restaurants and cafes», «cash desks area». Subjects of each channel depend on specific features of the area, in which respective monitor functions. For example, the «hypermarket» audience is interested in information about novelties in the world of necessary and concomitant goods, entertaining items and captions are provided for visitors of «galleries, restaurants and cafes», etc.

In-store TV on-line broadcasting permits to carry out fast monitoring of the audience demand, which, in its turn, enables to adjust and change contents of video materials facilitating thereby the advertised goods sales increase.
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