Main advantages

Ability to make fast and accurate decisions is, perhaps, one of the chief mottos of the modern epoch. Specifying key advantages of In-store TV, it is impossible not to mention such significant characteristics of advanced advertising media as quickness, selectivity, flexibility and timeliness of advertising broadcast:

- advertising announcement is broadcasted from one center in the whole network simultaneously;

- possibility of zoning in broadcasting of advertising announcements;

- advertising announcement is delivered audience, which is better prepared to percept it (in comparison, for example, with TV viewers or pedestrians);

- fast advertising renewal - it can be broadcasted in the whole network in the territory of Russia practically within an hour upon receipt of a ready advertiser’s video clip;

- interactive monitoring of the results of an advertising campaign and control of the network operation (calculation of the data on the increase of volume of sales of the goods advertised at the panels, quantity and quality of the panels operation, remote control thereof);

- advertising of certain types of products at the places of sales is restricted by legislation less strictly;

- availability of on-line information, including the same about discounts, advertising campaigns, as well as news, weather forecasts, etc.
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