Sergey Vasiliev, the Director General of the "Video International" companies group

- The "Video International" companies group, the greatest operator of the advertising market in Russia and Eastern Europe, signed an exclusive agreement about sale of the advertising time on the displays IMTV. Why did you sign a contract with this point of purchases indoor-TV operator?

- First of all, indoor-TV a new type of advertising medium, actively developing in different countries of the world. Its efficacy is proved. It is obvious that its necessary to extend the services spectrum as far as possible. Therefore, we should to be related to the indoor-TV.

As for the choice of IMTV, its caused by the following: it is the first and single company in our country that elaborated an innovation technology, presented it in Russia and now realizes this project on a national scale.

- Do IMTV displays compete with the audience of the TV-channels that you represent? Doesnt it lead to a conflict of interests?

- The central television and target point of purchases indoor-TV supplement each other, but dont rival with each other.
They are different mediums with different goals.
In case with the same brands of goods the television gets into contact with all buyers of the brands represented in the retail network. The medium of the company IMTV contacts with the buyers of the supermarkets that can be encouraged to buy anything in next few seconds.

The television advertising can stimulate the buyers interest to a certain trade mark, but IMTV can be its effective completion, affecting the buyers at a distance of 3 meters from storefronts.

- Dont you think that the audience of IMTV is too small in comparison with the TV audience, whose interests you represent?

- IMTV has just begun to develop. By the way, five million of the buyers a month in one retail network are not a small number. It is more than the audience of some television channels at the moment when we began to be of their interests.

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