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Since the end of 90-s, Internet became a global communication medium providing exchange of information in any format and wit any contents. Within 5 years only (from 1995 to 2000) the number Internet users in the USA reached 50 million people, whereas radio reached the same result in 38 years, television in 13 years, cable TV in 10 years.

The number of potential users In-store TV, being at a meeting-point of Internet, television, satellite TV broadcasts, even now is equal in Russia to 5 million people per month, this taking place in one retail network only! It is more than the audience of certain television channels.

IMTV is a new communication system combining the most dissimilar people. According to Andrew Harrison, director of marketing of Nestle UK, supermarkets will become a new type of mass media in the nearest future using In-store TV. There is coincidence of two nearly incompatible things: of the pleasant and the useful. In other words, buying something in a shop You will always keep abreast of the latest news not only in the field of advertising offers, but weather forecasts, currency exchange rates and today's news as well.
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