Ramstore TV – CAPITOLIY – Auchan city TV

IMTV is the operator of the in-store TV to be deployed throughout Ramstore newly renamed as Capitoliy hypermarkets and shopping malls in Russia.

Ramstore is one of the leading retailers in Russia with an average of 6 million visitors per month.

Nowadays the retail chain “Ramstore” is divided and shared between two different entities:
- The hypermarket and supermarket, are owned and managed by the most famous and attractive and popular French retail chain called Auchan.
- The shopping mall areas known as Capitoliy become under the management of Enka, the largest real estate corporation in Russia.

By the end of 2004, IMTV In-store TV operated five hundred 42” plasma screens at 26 stores in Moscow. In the 1st quarter of 2005 the number of screens had increased to 1000 and installed in other major Russian regions like St. Petersburg and Kazan,

IMTV & Ramstore had easily integrated marketing communications to consumer’s lifestyle. IMTV influenced customer’s behavior, encouraging the consumer to choose at the point of purchase (POP). IMTV & Ramstore had set the standards in the way brands and retailers can work together.

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