Outdoor advertising

FormTrust Holding operates over 12 years in the Russian market of outdoor advertising. The search and implementation of original technologies became from the very beginning the main difference of the company from other operators. Thus, FormTrust Holding was the first to introduce large-format revolving advertising media of the unipole type (a revolving trihedral structure standing on one leg) in Moscow, the first to present in early 1990-s the Tri-Vision construction (a construction with in-built trihedrons, which permit to place three pictures at one billboard).

With the help of FormTrust Holding technologies advertising of Your goods or services will be available for thousands of potential customer simultaneously: our advertising media are placed at the main Moscow thoroughfares and highways.

LED screens used by FormTrust Holding as a source information and advertising have several advantages before other types of advertising, and in particular, displays: LED screens are multifunctional, simple in control, they are distinguished with the image brightness. Full-color LED displays permit to broadcast high-quality advertising clips and information text blocks simultaneously (static text or creeping line). Several LED screens may be integrated in one information system, which permits to provide unified management and control.

If You continue to hesitate about the efficiency of LED-technologies then it should be pointed out that according to a special research carried out in the USA, the efficiency of dynamic advertising messages demonstrated at light-emitting diode displays, is 9.4 times higher than the same of stationary billboard advertising! Make sure of that with the help of FormTrust Holding!